What Info To Share With Investors

We’re regularly asked “what should we show investors”?  While there’s no one answer, we’d suggest having:
(1) One page exec summary - see an example in the Entrepreneur Resources section of our website
(2) Short powerpoint that “tells the story” … Guy Kawasaki does a great job talking to his 10/20/30 rule:  ten slides, last no more [...]

Catch BEANITOS on Dr. Oz Show May 16th!

Some exciting news: Beanitos will be featured on Dr. Oz … Wed, May 16th.  Here’s a link to local area show air times … http://www.doctoroz.com/find-station.
The show producers have also told us this show will air again, one week later, on Wednesday, May 23.
NOTE: In many markets, the Dr. Oz Show airs twice daily; [...]

Crowdsource your next angel raise?

Drilling Down: What Small Businesses Should Know About Crowdfunding
Check out NY Times article.  http://boss.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/04/09/drilling-down-what-small-businesses-should-know-about-crowdfunding

Interesting Post:

Check out George Deeb’s RED ROCKET BLOG overall and especially his TEN LESSONS post from this time year ago.  Worth noting (or revisiting if you’ve seen it.
# 1:  Drivers of Success for Startups. Do I have a Good Business Idea?  http://redrocketvc.blogspot.com/2011_02_01_archive.html.
# 2:  Building the Right Team for Your Start-Up.  http://redrocketvc.blogspot.com/2011/03/lesson-2-building-right-team-for-your.html.
# 3:  The Importance of Timing [...]

gDiapers Founder meets Warren Buffett

Investors Comment on Founder Pitches!

Rarely do investors say how they feel about businesses presented to them for funding.  (It’s a little like dating or hiring - no one explains why “no” … so actually we did.  See “10 Reasons Investors Pass” in the Entrepreneur Resources section of 2xPartners.com site (www.2xPartners.com/resources.html).
Last evening a group in California shared their thoughts.   See [...]

Clever Marketing! Blueberry Bush Rental

While attending the FARM TO FORK event a few weeks ago, our Andy Whitman met the blueberry farmers behind a great “blueberry bush rental” program.  Great idea.  He signed up and this week a “certificate” arrived in the mail.  GREAT idea.

Financing Farm to Fork Presentation Posted

Thanks to those that joined Kathy Nyquist (New Venture Advisors) and our Andy Whitman for the Skill Building Workshop.  The presentation is posted on the FamilyFarmed.org site at http://www.familyfarmedexpo.com/images/Financing_Farm_to_Fork_2011_FINAL.pdf.

Angel Investors 101

While attending the Stonyfield Institute, lawyer (and good friend of the firm anyway!) Steve Palmer provided some info on:

How the term angels came to be/what they are
How you find them
What they want

Steve was good enough to provide some notes below:


(Those of you who are Biblical scholars might like to think of angel investing [...]

Stonyfield Institute Sold Out … But Watch It Live At Inc.com!

Unfortunately the Stonyfield Institute (Mar 24/25) is sold out - sorry for the last minute folks that wanted to attend - but great news.  The event is being carried live online - check it out at http://www.inc.com/events/stonyfield.