A Note Regarding Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements

Like many early stage or growth investors, we don't sign confidentiality agreements (CAs) or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Ever. Why? Unfortunately there's a long history of entrepreneurs thinking people stole their idea when in fact they did not. However, it costs lots of time and money in the process. Please know it's not because we will mistreat your information. We don't. Our reputation is far too important to us.

For one of the better explanations we've read, see Ask the VC

How We Like to Explore Working with Companies

We are not interested in rushing to "do a deal". Instead, our focus is to get to know the people (hopes, dreams, motivations, skills, etc.) and the business (growth potential, strengths, weaknesses, etc.). If we spend time determining if we're the right partners and share a vision for the future - gaining alignment - the rest will come easily.

Steps In The Process