MegaFood: Future of Healthy Living: – MegaFood Named Brand to Watch in 2012

MegaFood was named one of the 5 brands to watch in 2012 by New Hope.

Naturally, supplement manufacturers don’t want to be left out of the action, so more and more are launching products derived from whole food ingredients that are as far away from synthetic nutrients as organic fruit is from Froot Loops. This trend taps into the back-to-basics mentality we are seeing emerge in the world of health and wellness. You want real nutrition? Eat real food—and, if you need to, reinforce what you do eat with naturally derived, food-based supplements.

MegaFood is a leader in the whole food supplement space and well positioned to benefit from growing consumer interest in whole food nutrition. The brand, which is owned by BioSan Laboratories and recently received a cash infusion from 2x Consumer Products Growth Partners, is making particularly strong headway in the children’s supplement category with its Kid’s One Daily. The product is a whole food vitamin and mineral tablet that breaks away from the trend of loading children’s supplements with sugar.

Thanks to Monsanto and the pharmaceutical giants, a division is forming in the market between science-based approaches to nutrition in the form of bioengineered supplements and the purer, more natural approaches found in organic, whole and raw foods. In addition, consumer fears of engineered food villains such as GMOs and synthetic additives have started to push people away from the supplement world and more toward food.