gDiapers: Inc. Magazine – Building a Family-focused Brand

gDiapers doesn’t stop thinking about kids once they’re toilet trained. The company’s daycare and flex-friendly policies place family time at the brand’s center.

Seven years ago, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye were about to have their first child when they came across an intriguing factoid in the morning paper. They discovered that though only 5 percent of the population uses diapers, they are the third largest landfill contributor. The only real alternative to disposable diapers was cloth diapers, and since those are water-intensive, they were a no-go in the couple’s arid Australia home. Soon they began to see the dearth of biodegradable diapers as a business opportunity and they picked up and moved to Portland, Oregon.

The Graham-Nye’s spoke to Inc. reporter Josh Spiro about the company’s daycare program, maintaining a healthy work-life balance in a family-run business and connecting with their customers via social media.

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