MegaFood: Dr. Weil Partner for Integrative Health and Education

VITAMIN RETAILER, September 2012

MegaFood (Derry, NH) and Dr. Andrew Weil have entered into a partnership to bring science-based educational programs and products to natural products retailers and their customers.

“MegaFood’s attention to detail, passion for wellness and commitment to science and quality in bringing ingredients from whole foods to a supplement line are all reasons why I decided to partner with them,” said Weil. “Many of their supplements are already in line with my recommendations, so it is a good fit.”

Some of the projects currently in the works include the development of new supplements for men, women and children.Weil and Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, chief medical officer for Weil Lifestyle (Phoenix, AZ), are working as direct advisors to MegaFood’s supplement formulations.An educational program for retailers based on Weil’s latest book, Spontaneous Happiness, is also in the queue to be launched at Expo West 2013.

“We believe that education is the sound foundation upon which great relationships are built in this industry,” said Robert U. Craven, CEO of MegaFood.“Our partnership with Weil Lifestyle will help fill in the information gap between manufacturers and retailers and, more importantly, retailers and their customers.”

MegaFood will not be launching any products carrying Weil’s name or image. Craven said it is a mutual goal of MegaFood and Weil Lifestyle to maintain individual brand credibility while working together with a shared vision for an integrative approach to health.