Orapup: Utah company’s tongue cleaner wages war on doggy breath

Oct 03 2012 09:32 am

Orabrush Inc. is launching another product — a tongue cleaner for dogs.

The Provo-based company caused an online sensation a couple of years ago when it dressed up a scruffy-looking guy as a giant tongue to promote what was then its only product — a brush that could be used to clean the bacteria off a person’s tongue to prevent bad breath.

It’s new product, dubbed Orapup, follows along the same line.

“Soon after we launched Orabrush in 2009, many of our customers began asking when a version would be available for their dogs,” Jeff Davis, CEO of Orabrush, said in a statement. “The Orapup has been near to the heart of our founder [Robert “Dr. Bob” Wagstaff] for some time, and was a natural addition to the product line.”

The new product, according to the company, combines soft pointed bristles with four in-line scrapers, which collect and remove bacteria from a dog’s tongue. A formula to help prevent gum disease and reduce tartar is applied to the surface of the Orapup to entice dogs to lick the brush, allowing them to clean their own tongues.

Orabrush said its new product, which will retail for around $15, is scheduled to hit store shelves early next year.